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  • Now we have tangible fucks you can give! These 'fancy' fuck bricks add a little humour and warmth to your decor. Handmade ceramic word bricks are the perfect way to spoil yourself or your loved ones and add instant personality to any space.


    The vibrant gold lustre bricks are triple fired to make them extra-special. They look great styled on a shelf in a vignette of vases, photos and keepsakes. The make a great gift for any occasion. 


    Handmade by Cath Knijnenburg on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


    SIZE approximately 3cm H x 2 cm D x  5cm L.

    Please note: all ceramic word bricks are handmade. There will be small variances between each brick   in size and nuances in the glaze/lustre. These are considered features (not flaws) and are part of the wonder – you are purchasing a completely original work of art! :)

    (fancy) F*ck - word brick

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